Monday, April 8, 2013

First time for everything...Guppy's Beach 5k recap

Never tell yourself, "One day I will get to do that!" Instead, get out there and try something new and exciting. Don't tell yourself to do it "when and if" it is possible. MAKE it possible!! I remember telling myself in 2006, when I first started running races, that I would love to try out a beach run. Here it is 6 years later and I finally had the chance to experience what I have been missing all these years. Here is my blast recap:

Third place Women's Overall!!

I drove into the parking lot and saw my brother, who Ninja registered for the race. He likes to surprise people like that. It was certainly a pleasant surprise, as was meeting up with a few more friends at the finish line. As I prepared for the race to begin, I did a little warming up. It was cool enough to warrant a long sleeve shirt for this FL girl. The shirt/number pick-up was smooth and the volunteers were cheery despite the breezy weather. This is the first year the race is chip-timed, which made me a happier runner. We all lined up on the packed sand, due to the previous days' rain, and had to start through a 8 ft wide start shoot, which was also the finishing shoot. I thought at first it would be a problem, but that was not the case.

I started southbound alone the shore with a few hundred runners and easily found my rhythm. The hairpin turn slowed me a bit, but I was well on my way to at least an age group win. I did not pay attention to how many females were ahead of me, since stepping on a sand hole could have tweaked something. One water station at the turnaround was provided. The last mile I looked behind me and noticed a large gap and allowed myself to slow by about 10 seconds/mile. I dug deep for that last 20-30 feet sand pit and crossed the finish as the third female overall, first in my age group, and 17th over all runners.

I only had to wait a couple minutes before I turned and saw my brother barreling toward the finishing sand pit. He ran a 5k PR on the flippin' beach. Dang Aaron! I was so excited for him and hope he remembers that he placed 5th in his age group. I also had a chance to cheer on Laura and Ben, who will be getting married soon, as they came across the finish line. It is always good to see people you know at the races.

My take home prize!
Chase bank provided the water and coozies and post race foods included bananas, oranges, bagels, and loads of cookies. Yes (eyes rolling) I did take home extra bananas, oh and a few cookies for the kids. The race awards for overall categories were personalized with a few touches of paint. I always enjoy the awards ceremony, but I certainly would like to hear the times along with the awarded runner's name! My brother and I had a chance to hang out a bit and chat about the race and our planned future races.

Lesson: Do NOT procrastinate with something you truly want to do...because your true desire to do IT will be shown by "if/when" you do it!! Try something new!

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