Friday, April 5, 2013

Shortened Hare Race 5k with my lil' princess

My lil' princess insisted on running this race because she likes the XC feel of it and all the spoils at the end. The packet pick up was a little confusing because they assigned Shay an elite number and already gave someone her chip. making us wait to get an unclaimed chip. The chip table seemed a bit chaotic and the race started very late.

The course was a double loop, with the second loop taking a slightly different route before ending at the USF Bulls track & field. However, the leaders veered from the intended 5k course and cut off .4 miles leading us toward the track just after we passed 2 miles on my Garmin, registering only 2.69 miles at the finish. I did a few more laps waiting for Shay. She did such a great job

The director of the Hare Race always has loads of sponsors, providing muffins, cookies, bananas, granola bars, cookies, danishes, muffins, etc. You get the picture. Shay enjoys post race spoils just as much as her Momma! Suddenly I realized the awards ceremony was being held behind the bleacher outside of the entry way. I don't even remember them announcing the start of it. We made our way over just in time. They announced me as #1 in my age group and Shay asked about hers. She came in 5th in her age group. I am so proud of her accomplishments!!

Lesson: Sometimes you just have to let your kids do their own thing and trust they will do their best!! (Lil' Miss Independent!)

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