Friday, April 5, 2013

Lost in Trout Creek

Ready for the trail!!
On that beautiful morning, I decided I would rather run a 15k with my younger brother, Aaron, than stay at home in bed. I registered on race morning to spend just under two hours with him for his VERY first trail run. He likes adventure I'd suppose, never running a trail race, let alone a trail run. He was excited for his first attempt and seemingly happy to have me there. I was excited because I knew I would be having a blast, which ended up being an understatement!

The sign-in for me was easy, and as a race day registrant I did not get the awesome race packet Aaron walked off with. The white cotton shirt has a beautifully designed trout on the front. Potty stop two times before the start of the race, gum in mouth, and water bottle strapped onto my hand. We were ready to go.

This way to the bananas!!
The first 20 yards we ran up a 45 degree hill and onto the berm of packed shell and dirt. There were only 4 water stops along the way, but I came prepared. Along the trail we went, and I talked to Aaron to distract him from the challenge of running in the woods, over roots and tree limbs. He was concentrating on not tripping until...."OHHH" and I quickly turned to see him in a ballerina pose with one hand almost on the ground. I instantly started laughing. Needless to say I had a great ab workout that day.

As long as I ran, he just kept following me!

It was extremely windy up on the berm and Aaron had me laughing yet again by being his normal comical self. Those of you who know Aaron, know what I am saying. My abs were solid by the end of the race. We stopped for photos, walked along the lake, and enjoyed cold water from an energetic family. We finished in just under 2 hours and found that many runners had already left the park. The awards were given and most of the food was gone, but they did have some bananas (wink, wink). Unfortunately, they did not provide food for vegetarians. The food provided was rice covered in a meat sauce, leaving me only eating bananas for my post race nutrition. Those of you who have seen me at the end of a race know that I LOVE to acquire a serious amount of bananas and I did!

Lesson: Sometime, even though you may really want to do something for yourself, sacrifice that for doing something for someone else and accept the JOY that comes with your sacrifice seven fold!!

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